The real illusion

You wake up, and find that you are in the devildom. Everything here is sick and crazy and you have no time to think about the realness of this world. The only thing you are able to do is close your eyes hoping this is just a dream. then run! The real illusion, different from the traditional Action Games, offer no attack ability to the character. Any danger in the game (traps or living beings) will let your character die. Your character in the game keeps running along. Then the player should press one button(to make the character close the eyes) immediately before the crisis’ coming. at the time the screen will turn black. release the button after several seconds, and the player will realize that your character has already passed the danger. that means, the character with the eyes closed is invincible. however, the player could not predict the dangerous at the time the character open the eyes. the game creates the feeling of tension using the easy operation while the complicated mazes of danger and enemies.
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)