RandomFighter is a 2.5D platform brawler. Though it is in a recognizable "3 KO´s for the win" format, each game the players are spawned as Ninjas with randomized abilities, weaknesses and strengths. So every game, players must adapt and re-strategize. It´s not always fair. The game uses Xbox controllers, connect them via USB and you are good to go! (Latest version) * Can be played with keyboard up to two players! If using keyboard the controlls are: P1: WASD - Move Q/E/F - Attacks(X/Y/B) SPACE - Jump(A) Left Ctrl - Start P2: UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT - Move ,/./- - Attacks(X/Y/B) Right Shift - Jump(A) Right Ctrl - Start
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Physics based movement and attacks!

Felix Strandberg
Hannes Delbeke

Music & Sound:
Johann Prell

Philip Sköld
Robert Carlsson
Daniel Månsson

Game Stills: