Simple trivial game about general science. Just use joystick button (or space key) to select and confirm.
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Stephen Hawking Can Play This
Relatively Speaking
Code for Good (Sponsored by Intel)
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Coded in REAL MSX2 machine using MSX basic 1.0. Compatible with MSX 1 with almost 64kb of RAM and 16KB of Video RAM. Executable provides the original .bas file with the code (you can save it into a floppy disk and run in the real MSX), a wav file that you can record in a TAPE and the .cas and .dsk image files to run the game in any MSX emulator.
Installation Instructions: 

This is a BASIC file for MSX computer. You can save QUESTION.BAS file into a real 720kb floppy and run it from MSX computer by typing

If not, you can play it in a emulator, loading the disk image file provided then using the same command.

Use SPACE if you don't have a compatible JoyStick to play.


Cesar Rincon: Game design and code.

Siscu Prats: Game design and Q&A scripting.

Aura Rincon: Line art graphics.

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