Purple Grass

Your space ship got out of control and crashed into a planet. After you woke up, you find yourself sorrounded by purple grass. Can you survive in this hard environment?
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MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
Technology Notes: 
Löve2D (http://www.love2d.org) We can only upload a single release. We decided to attach a win32 binary. If you want to play on another platform, please install the Löve2D engine, go to github and get the zip package: https://github.com/Moe-/lilagrass/archive/master.zip Unpack the zip, repack to a zip file with main.lua in its root directory, rename to .love and execute it. Other platform links will follow (external).

Marcus Ihde (Code)

Markus Vill (Code)

Nico Reitmeier (Sound)

Nicola Robin (Art)

Philip Braun (Code)

Game Stills: