Princess Walking Shit

Once in a far away land, a demon king kidnapped the princess of the kingdom. The king, terribly sad, begged the hero to retrieve her. The hero of noble birth, courageous heart and inhuman strength agreed. He travelled the lands in search for the princess. Many friends were met ...but also lost. Finally he arrived at the Demon Kings castle after many adventures. And now the final battle awaits him! The game genre is a 3D platformer with different kinds of obstacles. Create a path for the princess, so you both can escape the dungeon.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

-Download the file

-Unpack it wherever you like.

-Start the PWS.exe

- Have fun.

- (Note: Control your character with your mouse + WASD, jump with the space bar and activate switches with left mouse click)


Princess Walking Shit

A game by

Kerstin Arnold, Carl-­Christian Gehl, Eric Heung, Dominik Janz,

Valentin Klink, Ramon Schauer, Ioannis Mittas

Level design:

Eric Heung, Dominik Janz, Ioannis Mittas

Concept art:

Kerstin Arnold, Eric Heung, Ramon Schauer

Main programmer:

Valentin Klink


Valentin Klink, Eric Heung

3D modeling:

Kerstin Arnold, Carl­-Christian Gehl, Eric Heung, Dominik Janz, Ramon Schauer

3D animation:

Kerstin Arnold, Carl­-Christian Gehl, Eric Heung


Kerstin Arnold, Carl­-Christian Gehl, Ramon Schauer

Game Stills: