A puzzle platformer about a mystical robot, finding out what he can do with technology and magic.
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Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
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Technology Notes: 
Built in C++ with SDL, OpenGL, and OpenAL.
Installation Instructions: 

Suggested OS: Ubuntu 12.04 or 14.04 with C++11 compatible compiler (e.g. clang 3.4). You'll need SDL2, with TTF and Image, and OpenGL, OpenAL and ALUT, plus CMake 2.8.4. Got all that? Right. Now unzip our source, go into the root dir and run these commands, then sacrifice your first born son:

cmake .


With any luck you'll have built it. Then, run this command in the same directory:


Job done!


PS. We do hope to realise an executable at some point...


Michael Clark - Music and Sound Design

Iain Findlay - Coding

David Ford - Art and Coding

Matt Spraggs - Coding

Alessandro Shepheard - Level Design

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