Perilous Journey

Perilous Journey is about a girl traveling into some of the most unsavory lands there are! she must ride the great flies, run fast enough to destroy the towers and many more adventures. How to play: Before the game, you choose what the girl will do before game. You choose between six types of abilities and you're only allowed to use each ability once, so use it wisely! Keep in mind that if the ability passes the obstacles doesn't necessarily mean it is the correct ability for that part. The point of the game is to reach the end while avoiding the giant cup of tea and the endless abyss, and go through portals. There are many options to this game but only very few solve it. Can you find it?
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

No instructions!

Just run the exeutable.



Yonatan Nuriel

Ariel Nuriel


Graphic Designers:

Yoel Simhovitch

Amir Dwek

Yael Reisfeld


And of Course a Big Thanks to Global Game Jam for setting the meeting up!!!