Paradox In Paradise

In Paradox In Paradise four players compete cycling through random sequenced minigames in short bursts. Switching minigame causes it to freeze in mid-action and will continue when the players returns.
Jam year: 
Relatively Speaking
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
* Unity3D v4.5.5 * Played with Xbox controllers * Local Multiplayer
Installation Instructions: 

Make sure you have 4 controllers hooked up to your system.


There will be 2 other zip files in there, for each version a zip file.

Then unzip your version:

Windows users: and run Paradox In Paradise.exe;

Mac users:

Unzip Paradox In for Mac, run Paradise In;


A pop-up will open, press "Play!".


Berend van Gorkom - Art

Djego Ibanez - Gamedesign

Dylan Nagel - Programmer

Lukas Hoenderdos - Programmer

Mike Hergaarden - Programmer

Nanda van Dijk - Art

Dave van Luttervelt - Composer

Game Stills: