No Escape

You wake up locked in a prison cell. You are plagued with repeated out of body like visions that allow you to leave your cell and explore the prison. Can you escape the prison, or is it only in your mind? The main character in this game is mentally ill. It explores the mind of a mentally ill person and how they struggle to function in society.
Jam year: 
Web browser with special plugins or packaged apps
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Standard Unity app that will play in web browser
Installation Instructions: 

- If you are running it from Unity then just open the project and click the play button.

- Otherwise there is a /Builds/Web/ folder (same files are in the release folder)  If you open the index.html and enable any addons (including downloading the Unity Player if you need it).  

- Make sure your sound is turned up - since there is voice acting.

- Also available at:

(Note: there is a bug with the screen fading right now that happens if you change the size of the screen after the game is running - we are working on getting it fixed.)


We used only free and public domain assets, or assets that we created:

- Programming: Jon Worthington
- Game Design: Nathan Worthington
- Voice Acting: Fellow Game Jammers (Thanks guys!)
- Unity Standard Assets (Terrain, textures, materials, water, scripts, etc.)
- Unity Shanty Town Table (Unity Asset Store)
- Max Adventure Model ~ Andres Olivelia (Unit Asset Store)
- Metal Textures Pack ~ Nobiax / Yughues (Unity Asset Store)
- Concrete Textures Pack ~ Nobiax / Yughues (Unity Asset Store)
- Old Bed ~ samnudel (Blendswap)
- Bathroom Props ~ Gooseman's Graphics (Unity Asset Store)
- 2 A.M. Music ~ Artel 42 (Unity Asset Store)
- Free Game Music ~ Vertex Studio (Unity Asset Store)
- Bloody Letters ~
- Crate and Box ~ PolyFix (Unity Asset Store)
- Poem No Escape by Matthew Elmore

Game Stills: 
Source files: