Mom is Dying

This game is about 4 kids fighting against each other, trying to achieve their respectives objectives in the following situation. Game starts with the 4 kids at the living room around their Mom which is breathing heavily laying down at the floor. Their mother is covered with blood and about to die. Each kid is unique on its own way. But the 4 have the same question at the start. "What do we do now?" It's raining outside and the house is fully locked. But the keys are somewhere in the house. Hero Kid This kid thinks that the better way out of the situation is to rush with mom to the closest hospital trying to save her no mather what. For that is needed: Front door keys Shopping Cart Umbrella Mom Toy rocket Gather together all the itens above at the frontdoor Hopeless Kid This kid thinks Mom was the family core and without her the family can't live anymore. With that, the kid thinks the only way out is to suicide in flames with the rest of the family. For that is needed: Gasoline at living room Gasoline at bedroom Gasoline at Mom's room Gasoline at Kitchen Gasoline at bathroom Gasoline at basement Cut the gas pipe Hug Mom Selfish Murderer Kid This kid thinks that with Mom dead, the four kids will heir the family's goods. But the others do not deserve it, and yet he is youngest of the four. With that, the kid understand that the only way to go on is to murder the other 3 kids. For that is needed: Knife (one use) Fireplace poker (one use) Razor (one use) Ink pen (one use) Clothes iron (one use) Hit the other kids with any of the itens above. Satanic Kid This kid thinks that Mom can be saved performing a ritual at the house basement. For that is needed: Basement key Mom Chalk Candles Gather together all the itens above at basement
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