Meet Me at the Present

Two time travellers ("We") converge upon the present ("Now"), the exact moment that a catastrophe can be averted. One is limited to the green and pleasant past, the other limited to the red and chaotic future. The playfield has time as the x axis, and each traveller shows their current time over their head. A weird symbol in each time period is chasing the traveller there. Arrow keys to move, space bar to switch between travellers.
Jam year: 
Mac OS X
Technology Notes: 
Written in Haskell, running on top of Gloss (OpenGL bindings) and Elerea (minimal FRP framework).
Installation Instructions: 
  1. Untar the source:  tar xzvf MMatP-src-
  2. Change to the directory: cd ggj-twenty-fifteen-a-
  3. cabal install --only-dependencies
  4. cabal run ggjaa




Code and Questionable Art: Sean "Joe" O'Rourke

Special thanks to Elise Huard and the book Game Programming in Haskell

Source files: