Match me!

Introduction: Mary Sue is very shy and has issues facing a date. After many failures seeking true love she tries blind dates and asks her two closest friends, Player1 and Player2 to give her advice through a device plugged in her ear while the encounter goes on. She might... or might not, face some problems on her friends disagreeing on what she should say. Will Mary Sue find her significant one or will she die alone? Gameplay: The game is multiplayer. Two players and one controller per player are required. Y-Button: Advances dialogues (any player can press it) X-B-A-Buttons: When facing an answer every player has to choose a question with one of this three buttons. If the question selected is the same for both players it is immediately chosen. If not, a mash-button event is triggered. Both players have to press the desired answer button as many times as they can within 4 seconds. The interactions will please or anger Mary Sue's partner, finally defining the outcome of the date.
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MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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Technology Notes: 
The application requires the use of two (2) controllers, preferebly Xbox 360 controllers.
Installation Instructions: 

Open the folder according to your windows (32 bits or 64 bits) and open "newproject.exe". After the small intro, please wait for the game to start. It takes a bit to load.

The game requires 2 controllers to play, with no exception.


Artists, animators, designers: Georgine Herbig, Florencia Guerra, Valeria Rodao, Natasha Katz.

Programmers: Josefina Fasoli, Florencia Guerra, Manuel Atienza.

Music/SFX: Josefina Fasoli.

Writing: Josefina Fasoli, Valeria Rodao, Georgine Herbig, Natasha Katz, Florencia Guerra.

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