CONTROLS: -Arrow Keys: movement -Enter Key: action button -Shift Key: open backpack (inventory) -Mouse: select menu options Lucid is a game about a young hospital patient, perilously close to death while on the operating table after a heart failure. The sedatives have placed this girl in a dream-like state, in which she races a dark shade of herself through a series of life-or-death puzzles, to piece together the events leading up to her hospitalization. If the shadow catches her before she can complete each puzzle, it seals her fate, and the operation fails. Following the theme "What do we do now?", our goal was to implement "Lucid Flashes"... and we haven't quite gotten there yet. These will eventually show the player the completed puzzle for a few moments, as if the protagonist knows she's solved these puzzles once before. With a vision of how to complete each one, it's the player's job to bring them to completion and escape each memory. There's still more for us to do, so make sure to keep an eye out for the finished product!
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MS Windows
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GameMaker (any product)

See the credits screen in-game!