Losing Control

You are on a patrol mission for the United Earth Directorate when pirates start attacking you. As a true Marine you won't give up without a good fight. Your maneuverability and combat experiences will be your odds in the fight. However, most systems of your ship are badly damage, and you are outnumbered. The crucial control's system is going down too, and most likely you won't be able to make it back home. Make the most out of what is left to destroy as many private ships as possible before going down. NOTE: This game requires Leap Motion to play.
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
The game requires Leap Motion. Made in Unity3D in conjunction with RAIN{AI}
Installation Instructions: 

Installation Instructions:

Install and connect Leap Motion to your computer.

Unzip the game and run the executable file.

Basic game play:
You control a space ship and must fight against waves of enemies. However, as your spaceship is beyond repair, you will frequently lose the ship control (or the control goes hayway) for a short period of time. Survive the enemies as long as possible.

This game supports input from Leap Motion.

Start the game or when losing control: place both hands on the Leap Motion, then make grab pose to gain control of the ship.
Steer the ship: push both hands forward or backward to control the ship's pitch, steer the hands left or right to control the ship's yaw.
Speed control: Close your right hand to brake, open it to speed up.
Weapon: Close your left hand to fire weapon.



Trung Hieu (game programmer)

Kim Van (game designer / game artist)

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