Let's Go!

What do we do now? Where do we go now? Let's figure it out.. ur intended design is a cross between Zelda style multi-room dungeon crawling and WarioWare-esque mini games or Simple Puzzles for each dungeon room (humor encouraged). The player needs food to survive (found in the next room) and can only go for roughly 15 seconds without eating. Generally, the rooms must be figured out in roughly 15 seconds unless there is food placed in the level to extend their time. The overall theme for the rooms is that they are often typical dungeon scenarios but the solution top open the door is usually counter-intuitive (not to mention silly) and requires thinking outside the box while under pressure. We were unable to complete our game due to various reasons but we will show a little bit of what we had in mind. Some dungeon room ideas are roughly outlined as well as a few more polished rooms.
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Anthony Lam - Programming / Design

Cord Krohn - Design

Gavin Lo - Environment Artist

Tin Pillows - Character Artist

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