Lawn Order

Four competing landscaping companies square off to create the most chlorophyllic carnage by manicuring the ever-more aggressive weed infestation in Bumbleton Acres. However, landscaping tools spontaneously seem to give out for a slew of different reasons, leaving the landscapers asking: "What do we do now?" A game of quick decision-making and fun plant-based horde action, players must work in the face of quick disruptions to their success and balance the need to grab the most effective gear with the end goal: annihilate those pesky plants!
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Lawn Order is a 4-player horde game. One player can use the keyboard - L and R arrow keys move, space bar jumps, CTRL uses the current landscaping device (or if the player has none, melees), SHIFT drops the currently held weapon. All other players must use external controllers, which can be connected via USB, bluetooth, or other means. Players race to fight the weeds back in a limited amount of time, gaining points along the way. May the greatest landscaper win!
Installation Instructions: 

Must have 4 Gamepads!



Wesley Boynton - sound engineer / composer, vocals

Ray Champagne - artist

Ricky Diaz - level designer, artist impostor

Andrew Eiche - project manager, developer

Levi Lansing - developer

Avi Siegel - level designer

Greg Tamargo - developer


Thanks To:

Amanda Ernst - additional vocals

Rebecca Hawk - additional vocals

Game Stills: