Last Wish

"Last Wish" is a very simple game about a cute cat that is about to lose his life, he's got only few hours to live but before he dies, there are a couple of things he wants to accomplish. We encourage you to use the power of everybody in town and help this little cat make his wishes come true. The mechanics of the game are one button - timing based mechanics. You should press "space" or the "left button" of your mouse to pass the cat from person to person until you reach the goal. In order to do that, wait until the person that is holding the cat is close to another person, then press the button. We really hope you enjoy the concept and the whole story behind it. Let's work together and give this little cat a bit of happiness!
Jam year: 
Code for Good (Sponsored by Intel)
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Thank you for visited our game site of GGJ15.

We prepared playable our game for Windows version, OSX version and Web player version.

Please let me know your impression and comment. if you leave your message, we delight.


We would like to make a game that is impresed deeply in your remains.

Thank you.




- Makato Goto (Team leader)

- Yuki Koizumi

- Ryo Sakuma

- Naotaka Sugiyama

- Nami Tanaka

- Henry Fernández

- Keita Miyawaki

- Kosuke Yamashita


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