King of Washington

"Unexpected happened! A magical tornado descended on your kingdom and moved it to another world! There are good news, too: all your noble Knights of the Round Table, your treasury and your peasants were moved with you. And bad news as well: you are now in the middle of a country named USA!" ***** King of Washington is a management quest where you must resolve new issues unfamiliar to the king and try to retain the loyalty of your lieges as well as this new foreign world.
Jam year: 
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Technology Notes: 
JavaScript using libraries: Pixi.js Prototype.js SoundJs (rendering to webgl with fallback to canvas)
Installation Instructions: 

The game is playable in a browser.


Oleg Klishin (center) - idea, art (@Phoenix849)
Leonid Sinyakov (right) - code
Sergey Loparev (left) - narrative design, texts, quests ([email protected])
Veronika Alborti - text, quests

Music - Enchanted Festival (by Matthew Pablo on

Game Stills: