A reimagining of Operation for our post-9/11 world. --- Ka-Splode® is a fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat, poop-in-your-pants* game for all ages and genders. As random senseless bombings are becoming more and more prevalent in today’s society, and as OnionCorp’s commitment to our children’s safety is second only to our patriotism and commitment to the arms race, we feel that the time is ripe to teach our fine nation’s children about the possibility of rampant terrorism, and prepare them for the future. Studies have shown that the younger a child learns to defuse bombs, the longer he/she will live. There are several variations of layout within the device. As we have modelled the Ka-Splode® device to emulate real life, the best scenario to play is with two completely untrained people communicating verbally and descriptively over a short distance and under duress, following a series of commands which generally involve cutting colourful and appealing wires to stop the imminent bloodshed.  IMPORTANT! ACHTUNG! ATTENTION! CALIENTE! 1) DO NOT PICK UP THE DEVICE! IT WILL DETONATE! 2) DO NOT DO ANYTHING WRONG! IT WILL DETONATE! 3) DO NOT NOT BE SPECIFIC WHEN DESCRIBING THE CONTENTS OR ! IT WILL DETONATE! 5) DO NOT REHEAT FISH & CHIPS IN THE MICROWAVE! THEY WILL TASTE TERRIBLE! 6) DO NOT FORGET 4! IT WILL DETONATE! *OnionCorp not responsible for pants poop.
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Android device, iPhone, iPad
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Unity (any product)
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The game is meant to be played by two people: - one on a mobile device (the victim), - the other on a desktop machine (the expert). On startup, the bomb sends an email to the expert containing the instructions for defusing this particular bomb configuration. To emulate the idea of a bomb "expert" talking an average joe through the defusing of a Hollywood B-Movie bomb, the two players should be within earshot but not within eyeshot.

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Ryan Watt
Neil Rafferty
Paul Marlow
Benjamin Donoghue
Kayvon Damian Darabi-Fard
Kevin Beimers

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