network game in JavaScript In this game we connect to server by browser, choose our name and click join the steering is ultra simple, just click screen or tap and move finger to point direction in which your character should run in the game server will at random pick one player every 15 sec and make him sick he can infect other players by touching them in 15 seconds each touched player score 1 point per touch players touched by infected person become infected and are punished by subtracting 1 point of their score whoever gets the most score wins, game can be played infinity
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Public Domain Class of 2015
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Technology Notes: 
Vanilla JavaScript
Installation Instructions: 

use node.js version > 0.11.14 and just run hyperion-test.js

all sources available at: https://github.com/creative-berserkers/hyperion-test


Krzysztof Kabat

Grażyna Kabat