It's a corpse, homies!

"It's a corpse, homies!" is a Card and AR/VR game about a group of rich tweens that discovers the corpse of a friend in their mansion. Instead of working together to find the murderer, everyone tries to save their own hide and get someone else imprisoned. Players take turns investigating the rooms of the mansion in a VR environment and finding hints to save themselves. They can increase their own chances with various cards, but the other players can hinder them in various ways as well. Once the predetermined amount of hints has been found by one of the players, he/she wins the game and has escaped prison; who was the real murderer? We might never know the actual truth... With support for up to 4 players and different winning conditions to be set by the players, "It's a corpse, homies!" combines different realities to create a single entertaining experience. NOTE: Requires a smartphone with gyroscope and a VR device such as Google Cardboard to play.
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Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.), Android device
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
We used the Google Cardboard SDK for headtracking and QR code implementation.
Installation Instructions: 

1: Download the package.

2: Move the .apk onto your smartphone (need to enable developer options/allow files from unknown sources)

3: Start the game. ( note its a first prototyp of the concept with the three reality-spaces)



Barbara Reichart

Martin Dechant

Jonas Jentsch

Caroline Flesch

Florian Delank

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