Hyperspace Adventures

Main concept of game is move player into world full of action. Player is a commander of modern spaceship in future, where he must defeat aliens and rescue civilization from total annihilation!
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MS Windows
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GIMP 2.8
Installation Instructions: 

First unzip files.

Next, install font (for better quality)

After install fonts - just run it! :)



<- left

-> right

Ctrl shoot


Creators: Adam Knie and Karol Siejka

Programmers: Adam Knie and Karol Siejka

Designers: Adam Knie and Karol Siejka

Special thanks to: wubitog, Skorpio, Bart K, ac3raven, StumpyStrust, Rawdanitsu, canisferus and others who made open source graphics, sounds et cetera.

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