Hunt or Run

"Hunt or Run" is a 2D Platformer Arena Multiplayer-Only NES prototype. The idea behind it is that each player has a role that flip between them over time and time again. The players must concentrate on "What do we do now? Hunt or Run? ", because if not, they can get themselves killed quickly! Basically 2 players must kill each other by hitting he/she with a ball. But there is only one ball available! And you only can touch the ball on your turn, otherwise you are dead! Player 1's Turn is when the elements are blue and Player 2's Turn is when the elements are green. Turns changes every 4,5 seconds, so be careful not to keep holding the ball when the turn changes! Use the arrows to move around, the button A to jump and button B to launch the ball - and simply pass by the Ball it to get it. Player 1 has a little advantage (because it always starts on his/her turn), so players must choose who is taking it by rolling the higher number on a real world tool like a dice or a coin. Also, players must count the time passage by themselves, in their head or with the help of a chronometer. When a player wins, the screen turns B&W, putting the winning player at the top and the losing player at the bottom (Player one at Left and Player 2 at right). From that "game over screen" any player can press select to play again! Since it was my first experience making a full NES prototype (48hours of Assembly pain, LOL), I was barely unable to fully implement the second player without bugs - but everything else was in order. But somehow I managed to get the bugs squashed quickly and got the Full Multiplayer running today =) !! I''ll keep an updated version of the game on the game website (see below), since I plan to go further with the project. I hope that everyone get as much fun playing this game as we had testing it, and, above all, as I had making my first full working nes prototype! =)
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MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix, Other digital platform
Technology Notes: 
USED TOOLS: • Text Editor: Sublime Text 2 • Graphic Editor: NES CHR Editor • NES Compiler: nesasm3 • NES Emulator: Nestopia
Installation Instructions: 

You must use a NES Emulator to play this game.

Simply open the .nes file with one.

Some examples:


  • A - Jump
  • B - Launch Ball
  • Arrows - Move left and right
  • Start - Reset the Game on Game Over Screen (B&W)


  • Grab the Ball by passing through it (sorry for the buggy collsion)
  • Don't hold the ball too long - or the turn will change and you'll lose!
  • Use the screen sides loop for your advantage
  • On your turn, if you hold the B button you won't grab the Ball - use this for confusing you opponent.


  • Adrian Laubisch

Game Design:

  • Adrian Laubisch


  • Adrian Laubisch


  • Adrian Laubisch
  • Carolina Caravana

Special Thanks:

  • Carolina Caravana
  • Arthur Protasio
  • Arthur Goulart
  • The Folks at the NintendoAge forum
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