Hot Order Pizza

A misterious guy ask your pizza company to bring his pizza in 30 seconds, or else he won`t pay a cent for then. You are the hero of that company, a motoboy equiped with the ultimate scooter, who will do anything in hand to deliver the pizza in 30 seconds, even if you need to get through the nightmarish path of the graveyard. The creatures of the night, living in the graveyard, will do everything in hand to stop you from your mission. What do we do to get past then? Inspired by "Subway Surfers" and "Dumb Ways to Die", the game is a endless runner for iPhone, where you play some mini-games in every encounter with enemies. Being successful in the games will earn you more time to continue running. So, get ready to swipe up to jump, get rid of the skeletons and tombs in your path, and attacking the fierce vampire with garlic pizza!
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Installation Instructions: 

To use this game on an iPhone simulator you must have (you have to compile the game in order to use it):



Cocos2d-swift Framework(updated).


First, export the resources from SpriteBuilder (from the .spritebuilder file), then build the game in XCode (using the .xcodeproj file)

To try the game in a device, you must have a developer provisioning profile from Apple.


Concepts, art, music & programming by:

Jonas Augusto Zago Ribeiro

Matheus Augusto Zago Ribeiro

Otávio Netto Zani

Rodolfo Nobre Bitu de Morais