A space strategy planning game made in 48h by 4 designers! 2666 AD. Aboard the interstellar cruiser Ascania, humans have embarked on the longest exploration mission in centuries, beyond interstellar travel, to reach the distant, legendary twin-solar system Draco in order to perform a final analysis on planet Tyrean to determine its suitability for human habitation. The expedition was a success; with a few terraforming modifications, the planet will be habitable. However, upon disembarking from Draco, an unstable hydrogen fusion core has caused the main ship engine to collapse, leaving the Ascania to survive on the scarce amount of emergency fuel. What do we do now? Is the question being raised throughout the entire Ascania crew, when one of the on-board researchers points out that they can make use of planetary gravitation, a concept realised by the centuries-old theory of relativity. The Ascania will have to travel using as little fuel as possible, to hopefully reach planet Earth again, but time is not on their side, for an unstable reactor can act up nastily. They will need to act swiftly. The player controls the orbital position of planets within a system, guiding the Ascania through various systems, hopefully back to planet Earth.
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Relatively Speaking
Code for Good (Sponsored by Intel)
MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Game is made in Unity. Art was done in Maya, Photoshop and Paint.NET. All programming is done by visual scripting with Playmaker.
Installation Instructions: 

Download and extract the files

Run HomeboundFinal.exe


This is Team: Design Overkill:

Designer Tim - Fridge Masta

Designer Jeroen - Green Zelda

Designer Rutger - Random Businessman

Designer Benjamin - Food Doctor


Allthough we're all designers we all did different roles:

Art: Jeroen Koevoets

Scripting: Rutger Meijering

Lead Design: Tim Mertens

Design: Benjamin Drees

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