Home E.M.M.E.R.D.

Home E.M.M.E.R.D. is a multiplayer only arena where 4 robots compete in the struggle of cleaning the crazy Dr. Emmerd Brown's home. Robots are controlled by pad, the left stick move the robot, Button A (suck) and B (blow). Is possible to play the game also by keyboard.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Default keyboard configuration:

P1 = Movements(WASD) + Suck(C) + Blow(V)
P2 = Movements(IJKL) + Suck(.) + Blow(-)
P3 = Movements(ArrowKeys) + Suck(CTRL) + Blow(RightShift)
P4 = Movements(8456) + Suck(0) + Blow(Enter)


Luca Di Gennaro - Music
Marco Giammetti - Art
Matteo Romanelli - Coding
Michele Villani - Coding

Thanks to

Chiara for the cookies, Stefano for some unused sprites and  Maurizio for the support and laughts!

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