The Haunted Maze

The Maze is ALIVE.. ALIVE.. you hear ? You and your friend have to escape alive and sane. There are multiple exits. Some are blocked, some are not. You (green color coded) have to exit through your exits (green color coded). Your friend (red color) has to exit via their designated exits (red color). But there are door blocks stopping you from escaping via some of your exits. Oh! look there is switch some where in the maze to make those obstacles disappear. But you cannot pull its trigger. Nope. Your partner (other player) has to do that for you. And vice versa, you (blue) can tap the switch to destroy the door blocks for your friend's exits(red). There are some unhindered exits, that you can escape through. But what about your play pal? If they cannot escape from the maze because all of their exits are blocked, and you got selfish and left them to die in maze, you don't win either. You both have to escape in order to win the game and laugh about it later. The maze is alive and crazy. It can make you lose track of yourself and think you are invisible. You have to count your steps( imagine proper movement count) to exit when invisible on screen. Sounds Easy? You have to escape, and you have to help escape your friend, in exactly half a minute. Just 30 seconds.
Jam year: 
Noise Generator
Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Maze is procedurally generated every time game restarts, by using perfect maze generation algorithm (Recursive Division). Number of exits change each time, and door blocks change location and exit doors on each run. Switch's location and players' location changes randomly at every restart. Simple collision exits, where the players if they bump into each other, cannot proceed, and one has to leave way for the other. After all, this is a cooperative game play mode. First Game Jam for me. And first time I am using Unity for a concrete , non prototype game. Oh, and I forgot to save.. Yeah BIG mistake, and thanks to a Unity Crash, had to recreate about half of the project all over again in the last 1 hour before submission.
Installation Instructions: 

Unity Project. 


Programmer and only jammie of this Game : Sujatha Nagarajan

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