The god is drunk and he suspects that one planet has gone crazy. A messenger was sent to the world to live and learn the world, so that they could create some holy scroll to be the world's guide. Will you create a great holy scroll to save the world, or indeed will ruin the world? The core gameplay of this game is about using mouse's scroll. Up and down, no complicated task! This game is compilation of mini game made possible by scrolling. Everytime one event is finished, player will be rewarded by one verses chosen from two available verses based on your score. Collect more good verses than bad verses to create good holy book! People will try and ask themselves "What do we do?" with only scrolling. But you will find out that scrolling is not just about panning or zooming the screen! :)
Jam year: 
Stephen Hawking Can Play This
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Just double-click the .exe to start! :D

Please use a mouse with scrollwheel to play this game, as this game only uses scrollwheel for the whole game.


Special thanks to our absurd team!

Jeffin Andria P. (Game Designer + Artist)
Maxi Trois (Artist)
Lukman Maulana (Artist)
Karunia Ramadhan (Programmer)
M. Tomy Kurniawan (Programmer)
Rio Addy Maulana (Music Composer)

And thank you for, VServ, MoboMarket,, Game Developer Bandung, all other supporters and GGJ Bandung 2015's crews for making GGJ Bandung 2015 happened. Much appreciated!


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