Goblin Smugglers

"Rum, rum, rum. Who never try it, know nothing about heaven" - Ruk`the`Thuk - Smuggler King. Join us, brave warrior in the fight against Purple Deamons and try Your strenght on a cannon. Talented in riddles? - become a mechanic and solve some hard as hell tasks. Or maybe You have a leader soul? Take command of Your own ship and go for an adventure" - Trink`e'Trink - "Drunk Slut" Commander It's a multi-player (boosts an online mode with up to 6 friends!) game of collaboration. One player takes a commanding role on a Goblin ship and, given the full information about it's status (observed with an Oculus Rift), orders his/her crew around to ensure save voyage for the vessel. All the other players have the ability to move around the ship and perform various activities in it, to deal with various dangerous situations.
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Noise Generator
MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Oculus SDK, Photon
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