The Funky Boys in Whack Times

Biggs and the Funky Boys have really got themselves into trouble this time! They found a doorway to an alternate dimension where nothing is as it seems, surrounded by horrifying monsters and... babies! Can they work together to get out alive before time and space itself collapses around them? A 4-player co-operative game (either with four controllers, or with two people sharing a controller each) where all players need to reach the exit within 60 seconds. Each screen changes its conditions and has new traps and tricks to encounter. If one player dies, they all start back at the beginning of the room, but the time stays ticking. When the timer reaches zero, it's game over! Some rooms are quite easy to figure out, but some rooms require trial and error. Deaths are not necessarily a bad thing if it means getting one step closer to working out how to tackle the room.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Technology Notes: 
Developed using AS3/Air.
Installation Instructions: 

You need 2 or 4 controllers in order to play, either one controller per person or two people per controller (holding it on either side and using the analogue sticks to control). It is 4-player only.


Code by Mike Tucker

Art by Jon Davies

Music and SFX by Mike Clark

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