Free Hug

You and your opponent trapped in a zombie infested hut, in order to survive you have to dressed as a zombie like. You have been told that "unless you find and kill your opponent, or you never want to escape from the cabin". Have a timer in the game, game player has a selector can select any one of the zombies, when the countdown time is zero, the selected zombie will be death. Of course, you want to kill your opponent. 你和你的对手被关在了一个充满僵尸的小屋中,为了生存你们不得不扮成了僵尸的样子,你们被告知“除非找到并杀死你的对手,否则你永远别想从这个小屋中逃出” 游戏中有一个倒计时器,玩家手中有个选择器可以选择小屋内的任意一个僵尸,当倒计时器时间归零时,被选择的僵尸将会被处决。当然,你一定希望被处决的是你的对手。
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MS Windows
Installation Instructions: 

Please make sure that the system has been installed XNA Framework 4.0 running the game before.
Operating instructions:
1P: direction control -WASD selector control -FG; 2P: upper and lower left selector control direction control - -KL(game support handle)
XNA Framework 4.0
1P:方向控制-WASD 选择器控制-FG ; 2P:方向控制-上下左右 选择器控制-KL

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