FOLDER QUEST: What do you do now?

A Folder Quest is an "adventure" game that consists of a sh!tload of folders. Each folder contains a part of a story. The player can make decisions which lead from one folder to another and in that way control the story. These folders sometimes contain basic file types like txt/jpg/png/bmp/wav/mp3/ico/lnk files to enhance the look and feel of the adventure. - "FOLDER QUEST: What do you do now?" is a quest about a person named Thomas Wild who is about to wake up in a way he never did before. In this Quest you're trying to find out what has happend to you by searching for clues. Eventually you end up being stuck in the data structure of the world you used to live in. Do you have it in you to set things straight again? One thing is certain. This is a game unlike any other game you've EVER played before.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Installation Instructions: 

Download and unzip the .zip file and follow the instructions in the folders. ;)


Anne Bras (Development/Story Writer/Artist)
Carf Darko (Sound Designer)

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