Faust Park

"FaustPark", two children attracted to a glittering carnival decide to enter even if it's late and getting dark. But something is wrong and when the kids realize it is too late, they are alone in a lunar park in the company of a strange and bizarre man who invites them to play to its stands and do their best to win the final prize: their soul.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine

Giorgio Carraro - 3D Artist
Sonia Nigro - 2D Artist
Giada Brandalise - 2D Artist
Filippo Ferratini - 3D Artist
Oliver Tassone - Programmer
Paolo Monti - Programmer
Riccardo Quirico - 3D Artist
Alessandro D'Armiento - Programmer
Umberto Di Napoli - Game Design

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