Extinction Vortex 3: Infinite Dinosaurs- 10666AD, Revenge of the Soviets

Top-down explosion based rogue-like shooter with cyborg laser dinosaurs... everything explodes. Controlled with WASD keys, mouse to aim, click/click and hold to fire. Escape to exit at any time. Gain buckets of blood for every dinosaur you slaughter. If you are destroyed and you have enough blood you become your killer. Otherwise you LOSE. Annihilation Level increases over time, increasing the difficulty and producing more BOSSOSAURUS.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Installation Instructions: 

Download the Extiction Vortex 3 file and unzip.

Double click the .exe to run and enjoy!


If this doesn't work then

  1. Unzip the folder containing assets, project settings etc.
  2. Unzip folder containing exe and place next to assets, project settings etc.
  3. Double click the .exe to run and enjoy!

Matt Andrew: Programming, Design, Master of Explosions

Sam West: Programming, Design, Art, Master of Dinosaurs

Lloyd Pearson: Programming, Design(ish), Master of Git


Game Stills: