Evil Tom

Goal of 3 adventurers is to move around the maze and gather 20 coins while avoiding repulsive hand of Evil Tom (4th player), whose goal is to catch them 10 times. There is also magic twist: everytime Evil Tom catches an adventurer, the team is cursed and has to decide WHAT TO DO - choosing one of the horrible effect that affects one of the players IRL throughout the rest of the game. They may need to play standing on one leg, eyes closed or giggling constantly. In other words: 3vs1 asymmetric multiplayer (one computer), fantasy, platformer, party game!
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MS Windows
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Framework - LOVE Language - LUA Graphics - Photoshop Sounds - freesounds.org, Audacity Source control - GitHub
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Sources can be also found here: https://github.com/mpolaczyk/GGJ2015

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Extract zip and execute "Evil Tom.exe" on windows.


    Joanna Wolska - Artist
    Kasia Drabarek - Artist
    Jacek Ciesla - Designer
    Andrzej Drabarek - Developer
    Marcin Polaczyk - Developer

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