EVE Discovering Earth

This game is inspired from a popular movie entitled 'Wall E " from which we took the figure called "EVE" to be considered as our main character. This game is about EVE's journey to Earth to discover different cultures using environments, cultural sites, music of the town... EVE can finish the level only if it finds a strategy to run away and fight monsters (spiders, zombies ...) and after finding the proper scheme of the labyrinth.
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Our game gives players the possibility to discover earth and have some ideas about each place where our character "EVE" will visit.  Our game "EVE Discovering Earth" improves the development of mental abilities of the player. It can be considered as a strategic game.

At the beginning "EVE" starts an easy level like discovering Egypt and realising missions. Then "EVE" moves to another more complicated level where it will fight monsters and zombies and enter a difficult maze.
The first level of the game is an easy one where the player needs just to find a strategy and to run away from monsters. Afterwards, the player can enter the labyrinth to find the way and continue missions.

Each country has its own environment and music that characterizes it.
In future levels, the Jammer team "Hallelujah" will change the town and the labyrinth will be bigger, more difficult and having  many monsters to fight. Hallelujah team will add more educative messions like quiz, puzzle about every town "EVE" discover... 


Our team consistes of TEK-UP's students at first year engeneering: 

Mohamed Arbi ZOGHLAMI: programmer

Bechir LAHMER: level designer

Rim ZEMMALI: graphic designer 


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