Before Eternity

Punchline: Well you just died.. Now what? Description: A puzzle / adventure game where the player is constantly confused about how to proceed, what his goals and why he's doing this to himself. Keywords: Puzzle, ambient, unclear goals, abstract mechanics, minimalistic, humoristic, light, 3D, adventure Mechanics: The mechanics are simple - you're allowed to move around the map with WASD and try to figure out what to do as your first post-death adventure unfolds..!
Jam year: 
Web browser with special plugins or packaged apps
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Game Design & Development: Konstantinos Vasileiadis
Music & Sound: Kostas Visvinis & Giannis Andritsopoulos
Texturing & Photoshop: Spyros Lytras Routzerakis
Special thanks to Unity3D for its generous community, without which this game wouldn't have been made (at least not in 40 hours)

Source files: