A retro looking RPG/Platformer that could crash any time.... 'What do we do now?' if an error occurs? If your firewall blocks the game? If Facebook gives you pop-up messages in the middle of your quest? We tackle these recognizable first world problems in our action packed game, which might not be a RPG/Platformer after all. So go, young paladin, fix those errors and beat your highscore!
Jam year: 
This is How it Feels
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Team Runtime Error (3,5 men*)

Bernard de Mare (Programming)
Roccoo `RoccoW` Wouters (Music)
Daniël Wewerinke (Game Design)
Esmeralda Massaut (Art)

(*) Unfortunately one of our guys was ill. He helped us over Skype at first, but joined in person again on the final day :)

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