The game is a 1 versus 1 multi-player, split screen played via controllers. The objective of the game is whichever player explores the map and discovers the key to victory.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Technology Notes: 
Game made using Unreal Engine 4 Editor, via Blueprints. 1 versus 1 Split Screen.
Installation Instructions: 

Instructions on Running the Program:

  • Right Click on "Dystopia-GGJam2015.zip".
  • Extract "Dystopia-GGJam2015.zip" to any desired location.
  • Double click on GGJam2015.exe to start playing, it will be inside the folder where you extracted "Dystopia-GGJam2015.zip".
  • You can set your own settings in the settings tab and click on "Play" to start the game.


2 Xbox Controllers.


Team Name - Chappan Lakh Waste

Game Designers:

  • Akshay Ghag
  • Rishabh Kalia​
  • Siddhesh Khatri
  • Udain Tomar

Game Artist:

  • Siddhesh Khatri

Game Programmer:

  • Prasanna Srinivasan
  • Priyank Pratap Singh

Sound Designer:

  • Rishabh Kalia

Free Sound Assets:

​Special Thanks:

  • Biswajeet Barman
  • Dipayan Paul
  • Nilakash Das
Game Stills: