Duality is a runner game for two players in a split screen in which they both must survive to finish it. Every item that they pick will only affect the other player. You'll be able to send him lives, shields and monsters to clutter their way! The player with most Karma and lives wins! Duality es un runner para dos jugadores a pantalla dividida donde deberan sobrevivir ambos para completar el juego. Todos los items que se recogen afectan unicamente al compañero. Podras enviarles vidas, escudos y hasta monstruos! Quien tenga mas Karma y vidas al final del recorrido ganara la partida.
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Noise Generator
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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HTML5 Canvas with Phaser

Juan Ignacio Aufranc - Game Design

Lucia Velarde Mulligan - Music & Sound Design

Dario Gimenez - Programmer

Gabriel Frymer - Programmer

Leo Cirius - Artist

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