Dual Core

A game about two players trying to control the same robot. The robot is split in two sides and each player has to control one. All the game is about coordination between the players, and choices have to be made simultaneously. BE QUICK OR BE DEAD!!! Commands: (Game Pad Reference: Xbox 360 Controller) Move Forward: Player 1 : Keyboard A button Player 2: Gamepad D-Pad (any arrow) Jump: Player 1: Keyboard Space Player 2: Gamepad button Y Strafe Left: Player 1: Keyboard Q Player 2: Gamepad button X Strafe Right: Player 1: Keyboard E Player 2: Gamepad button B Crouch: Player 1: Keyboard Left Ctrl Player 2: Gamepad button A
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Noise Generator
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
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Unzip and Play.


Giacomo Lucchini: game design
Marco Parisi: programming
Matteo Orecchio: programming and modeling
Alessio Iellini: modeling and animation
Marco Boncompagno: texture and graphic design
Matija Dolenc: soundtrack
Francesco Morosini: audio FX

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