Dodge Frenzy!

SLIDE each character to a FREE-DANGER square to save him. You can move MORE THAN ONE character at once! ☛ "They're trying to kill each other!! To keep taking sadistic pleasure from this tense atmosphere of impending doom you'll have to work fast to dodge death". ☠
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Android device
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Music/sound software used ☛ Studio One & Adobe Audition ║ Graphics software used ☛ Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator ║ Play it with earphones to completely enjoy the sound experience, please! ☻♫
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It's easy! Download, unzip it, put the .apk in your android device and execute it. Enjoy! ☺ 

Link to download the uncompressed .apk:

P.S.1: directory is a complex file for programmers, with source code and assets. You DON'T need downloading it to play! 

P.S.2: you may have to deactivate the "unknown sources" of your android device to be able to install the game.


 Dodge Frenzy! has won the Best Sound (and music) Award at Game Jam ODB, thanks to the music composition and sound design created by Fran Romguer!

♪♫♬ Original Soundtrack has three tracks and can be listened to entirely here.

  1. Openingepic sound, with an obvious appearance of the japanese character, that grows and ends in a loop. The melody is a shorted variation of the Main Theme.
  2. Main Theme: frenetic and funny music. Personality of the four characters can be listened at the same time that music grows. Mexican, japanese, italian and french sounds are mixed in this crazy "potpourri", which ends in a loop!
  3. Game Over: a short, quiet, sentimental and sad variation of Main Theme.

"Four renowned criminals playing poker [♦♠♥♣]... a hostage in a corner [☹]... and a botched attempt at cheating [✘]. What do we do now?".

This insane game was made by four insane guys:

  •   Programming by Juan Martos
  • ✎ Graphics by Tom Evans and The Gerchog Kid
  •  Animations by The Gerchog Kid
  • ♫ Music composition and sound design by Fran Romguer
  • ☝ Ideas and concepts by all of them
  • ☺ Characters voices by all of them. Do you guess who makes which?

Juan Martos Tom Evans The Gerchog Kid Image

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