The main point of Distracted is... being distracted. Before proceeding to the scene, the user receives just one key-word, in order to help him/her figure out how to pass the level. Nevertheless, at first the main goal may be quite unclear and it's up to player's creativity if he/she finds the way to complete the level or not. The protagonist of Distracted is an extremely absent-minded pesron, who uses a crowbar to attack and interact with the environment. Therefore, all levels in the game are likely to confuse the user. Moreover, the player should feel free to interpret the plot on his/her own.
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Clueless Parents
MS Windows, Web browser with special plugins or packaged apps
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Unity (any product)
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10/10 would develop agin - Logan Whyz

Urszula Kustra

Karol Szulc 

Dawid W. Mika

Logan Whyz

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