The Defuser

Defuse or detonate the bomb before time runs out ;p
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Noise Generator
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Mac OS X, Android device, iPhone, iPad, Microsoft Windows Phone
Technology Notes: 
Java, text msg
Installation Instructions: 

Text a message to (408) 769-5750 that says -

         start game


(If the service is up and running you should be automatically joined to it and receive a message that the game has started.)

Then, tell others (around you and wherever) to text the number and type -

         join 0

(or whichever game number yours is - it will tell you)


Then you will receive instructions and how much time is left, if you are the DEFUSER (the one who can cut wires) or not, on team GOOD or EVIL, and any other information that may or may not be helpful.


Glenn (Super Awesome and Good)

Trent (Awesome and Super)

Brooks  (Defuser of Evil)

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