Description ---- Overlord Phil has ordered all of his minions (that means you and up to three of your friends) to bring him cows, lots and lots of cows! The overlord is a very fickle boss, changing the desired type of cow frequently. If you fulfill his current order, you'll get lots of points, but any old cow will keep him pleased for a bit. Feed cows hay first to fatten them up. What will we do now? Cooperate to make Phil happiest or compete against the other minions to raise your status. Poor cows... How to play ---- Keyboard+Mouse: Use WASD to move, Mouse to look around, and Space or Left-Mouse-Button to activate your cowscoop Gamepad: Use Left stick to move, right stick to look around, and A to activate your cowscoop Gather cows and deposit them into the 'teleporter' (marked by a hovering sphere) to gain points.
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Technology Notes: 
Developed using Unreal Engine 4.6, Audacity, Blender, BFXR Tested on Windows and Mac, packaged release is for Windows only.

Team ========================================== Nick Darnell Michael Noland Scott Freeman 3rd Party Art ========================================== Paint Can Kenny Space UI Theme Lots of assets from Content Examples project available on UE4 Learn Tab

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