CosmoNot A Problem

Take control of a team of cosmonauts battling to save their ailing ship. But who will get the credit? Fight to save your ship. Fight, for the glory of the motherland!
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Only tested under windows

To build source:

1. Download and install unity (free version is fine) from here
2. Unzip using your favourite unzipper.
3. Open Unity
4. When prompted to open a project, select "Open Other" and navigate to the directory ggj (from
5. Unity will open the project and you can run, debug, build etc.

To run executable:
1. Extract using your favourite unzipper.
2. Open the directory ggj
3. Run the executable CosmoNotAProblem.exe
4. Enjoy!



Brian - Music

Colton - Art, Programming & Game Design

Jaymie - Art, Programming & Game Design

Joe - Art & Game Design

Max - Art, Animations & Game Design

Mitch - Programming & Minigame Design

Sam C - Programming & Minigame Design

Sam S - Programming & Game Design

Zach - Art, Programming & Minigame Design

Source files: