In the land of Delicio, there lived a prosperous kingdom named Caketania. This kingdom ruled over the lands from centuries, from the currency to workforces to almost everything. The current head of this kingdom is Manfred von Blackcurrent IX. However, it seems like this guy is a very manipulative person, using his personality and status, he uses his 'shady connections' to create what we know as the pie seperatists, robots bent on destruction; to put the blame on it's neughbouring country, The Imperial Kingdom of Piecianio, the kingdom's biggest rival. The blame worked and soon all the nations rallied against Pieciano---and PIE in the process. Now, the counterattack is about to enter its final phase of operations. Zest Tangerine were given specific orders before the battles took place: "Go forth my minions, do this for the sake of the kingdom. YOU WON'T BETRAY ME...RIGHT?
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This is How it Feels
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