Clock Blocked

A card game about saving the aeons scattered across spacetime. And being a jerk.
Jam year: 
Relatively Speaking
Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
Technology Notes: 
Clock Blocked is played with cards and a single die. Regular playing cards can be used, but our printable cards are more fun.
Installation Instructions: 


A game for 2 players

Play time: 5-10 Minutes


Clock-Blocked is a game about repairing a shattered space-time. In Clock-Blocked, your goal is to put the aeons back in their rightful place before your nemesis, so that you get the credit you know you’ve always deserved.



10 Aeon Cards, 1 Six-Sided Die, 2 Time Machine Cards



There are 10 Aeon cards, numbered 1-10, shuffled. 5 of the Aeon cards are laid out in a row, face down between the two players; these are the shattered aeons. The remaining Aeon cards (the rest of the galaxy) are placed by the shattered Aeons in a deck upside down; this is the Galaxy.



The goal is to place the shattered Aeons in order from highest to lowest, from either direction and be the first player to declare that the Aeons are in chronological order.



Roll the die to determine the first player; the player who rolls the highest number goes first. Each turn, the player rolls the die to charge their time machine, and travels to and interacts with the shattered Aeons based on the roll.


If the player rolls

1 or 2 : Travel to any one aeon (look at one card)

3 or 4 : Travel to any one aeon and may choose to produce an unstable wormhole (look at one card, and you may switch it with another card without looking at it)

5 : Travel to two separate aeons and may choose to produce a controlled wormhole (look at two separate cards, and you may switch them with each other)

6 : Temporal Anomaly (you must swap any one card with another card from the Galaxy deck without looking at either)



At any point during their turn, the player may declare that time is in order from highest to lowest. If they are correct, they win, if they are incorrect, their opponent wins.


Carol Mertz - Temporal Designer

Rob Santos - Temporal Reactor 

Jonathan Leek -  Temporal Destroyer