***2015 Global Game Jam Pittsburgh: Diversity Award For Excellence in Embodying the Spirit of Diversity and Inclusiveness in Video Games.*** "You're in a different type of minefield now!" Cataraction is a game of miscommunication by the numbers. Two people are required to play, but anyone within shouting range can also participate. Player one mans the controls while the other player is only able to view the screen. The catch? Player one can't see the screen. (This can be achieved with a blindfold, rotating the monitor away from player one's prying eyes, (or maybe you have a blind friend?) #Great, we get the mechanic, but what do you DO?# Calm down son, I was getting to that. *Gently lights pipe.* Now, my wife passed a few years back, bless her soul, and I've decided to collect a few of the wildflowers that seem to have sprouted up out in the pasture to lay upon her grave. *Takes a few puffs of the pipe.* Problem is my eyes ain't what they used to be and I can't make out what's right in front of ma face. Come to think of it, ma hips ain't what they once were neither! Once I get to going I have to keep going or I'll just stop dead. *Chuckles lightly under breath.* No pun intended. *Mutters "Bless her soul."* I need you to be my eyes. Tell me where them glowy flowers are and keep me away from them cow-pies littered around the pasture. Now let's get movin', I ain't get'n any younger! #Into roll playing are we?# Anyway, the controls are pretty much just the spacebar key to move old Seamore Buttz around the pasture. #Seamore Buttz... really?# Really.
Jam year: 
Noise Generator
Can I Try?
Stephen Hawking Can Play This
Eagle Ear
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Unzip the file and open the application file.


Sound / Audio: Larkin Shearer

Character Concept: Ben Shulman

Character Art: Ben Shulman, Nick Smith

Character Animations: Ben Shulman

Character Animation Unity: Kendra Corpier

Environment Art: Kendra Corpier, Nick Smith

GUI Concept: Kendra Corpier, Ben Shuman, Nick Smith

GUI Design: Kendra Corpier

Start Screen Design: Larkin Shearer, Ben Shulman

Game Programming Mechanics: Bill Jones

Character Programming: Chris Wu

Unity Programming C#: Bill Jones, Chris Wu


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