Camila Princess

The game is about the adventure of a blue haired princess, dreaming about freedom. In her dreams, she's flying away with a jetpack on her back, leaving her past life behind as she crosses the landscape. But freedom comes with a cost: now she's in danger! A carnival of oddities and strangers keeps flying at her, trying to take her down. To dodge this heavy assault is no easy task, but not everything that comes her way means harm - and the key for her freedom lies shuffled with everything else... Help our blue princess's hopes and dreams to be fulfilled! Use your wits and reflexes to keep her safe, and try to find and get the secret key for her freedom! Jetpack Princess is a 2D sidescroll, shoot'em up adventure, for android.
Jam year: 
Android device

Caio Pelichek Gonçalves

Kledilson Dias de Oliveira

Tarcisio Pereira

Vinicius Cruzeiro Barbosa